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Lizzie’s Garden is a garden center and greenhouse growing and supplying seasonal blooming plants.   We are open year-round!  As the seasons change, our benches are filled with new plants for your home and garden.   You can choose from plants as diverse as cyclamen, poinsettias, gloxinia, lilies, regal geraniums, hibiscus, succulents, cactus, and much more.  In addition, we have a wide and dynamic assortment of container plants, bedding plants, shrubs, perennials, and fruit.  And, if you aren’t sure about what work work best for you, our staff is happy to make the joy of plants easy and not intimidating.

The way we see it,  plants are one of the best ways to understand nature and enhance your life.   Especially in our non-stop technological world, even the smallest plant can give you a sense of connection to the natural world.

Our goal is to enable you to enhance your life with plants, allowing  you to experience all the satisfaction and joy that  healthy and robust plants can bring, with customer service that is approachable, friendly, and caring.

While Lizzie’s Garden was started twenty-six years ago, our parent wholesale greenhouse was started in 1922, and continues to supply florists and landscapers in the Chicago area.

These are our hours throughout the year:

January to March:  9-5 every day

April:  9-6 Monday to Friday once weather warms up. 9-5 Saturday and Sunday

May:  9-7 Monday through Friday.  9-6 Saturday and  9-5 Sunday

June- December 9-5 every day.

We are located at 24254 W. 111th Street   Naperville, IL  60564 .  You can find us just west of Route 59 on 111th Street.  Reach us by telephone at 630-904-1066 or by email at lizziesgardencenter@gmail.com.