Salvia and licorice plant
Plant yourself a Happy Place!

Container Gardening

Once you have the basic ingredients:  healthy plants, great soil, and a simple design idea, you can have fabulous containers gracing your home most months of the year.  Choose from our tried and tested selection of container plants, all grown under our watchful eyes and diligent care.  

Beautiful Containers Year-Round

Early Spring

Welcome spring container garden

We are all hungry for color after a long winter. You can use tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, pansies, and violas, with pussy willow stems for height.  Other cool season annuals include diascia, nemesia, osteospermum, and stocks.


Petunias, geraniums, and salvia

The spring treasure chest of colors is open, and there is so much to choose from.  We have geraniums, lantana, salvia, petunias, euphorbia, and so much more.  Be creative!  We're always on hand to give suggestions and help you with your ideas.  


Summer container arrangement

When summer comes along, and playing outside is what you really want to do, we have plenty of choices that give you strong color and performance, but easy care.  Freshly grown plants include petunias, marigolds, zinnias, salvia, and more.  Your backyard patio will always look great.


Garden mums

Autumns harvest and final rush of color  gives you license to use color exuberantly.  Though a generously sized mum may be just enough,we also carry pansies, kale, heachera, grasses, and other cool loving annuals.  


Winter greens container

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Indoor Containers

Pink hydrangea

Some plants, like florist hydrangeas, lend themselves to being used interchangeably as indoor plants or as outdoor container plants, depending upon the season and the weather conditions.   Other plants that can be used in this way are cineraria, ranunculus, and cyclamen, and bulbs.